12 Tips For Public Speaking

21, Jun, 2022

Effective public speaking is sought after almost everywhere, including within the technology profession. It’s almost a cliché to bring up how near-universally despised public speaking is. Unless you’re one of those rare lucky souls who naturally takes to public speaking, it’s likely you could use a hint. Or two. Or a dozen. Fortunately, we’ve found an article from Forbes that offers 12 tips to enhance your public speaking abilities. 

The article cuts the fat, providing a straightforward series of actionable strategies for improvement. Tips cover the planning process, all the way to useful actions to take during the presentation itself. For instance, tip number two advises beginning your presentation with a “grabber”: a relatable anecdote or engaging statistic around your topic. 

If you’d like to change your outlook on oral presentations from harrowing to a cakewalk, these 12 tips might be the perfect place to start. 

Click here to read the article, and take the sweat out of public speaking.