How to Ask for a Promotion

04, Jul, 2022

Thinking about asking for a promotion can be a daunting prospect. You’re putting yourself in the crosshairs of the higher-ups, and being exposed to intense feedback and scrutiny. Putting all that aside, there’s also the possibility you can be handed a straight out “no” to your request. There are ways to build up your case in advance and avoid these possibilities, though. 

We’ve found an article from Harvard Business Review that provides strong strategies for the push for promotion. The article covers each angle of the promotion process, including how to make a case, pitfalls to avoid, and ways to keep the advancement request alive after it’s initially been tabled. Aligning your professional advancement with the organization’s strategic goals, making a one to two-page memo for yourself, and more strategies are included in the article. 

Read the article here, and increase your odds of getting that promotion.