Learning about a career in pressure equipment integrity management

06, Dec, 2022

Whether you’re already a technology student, student in another field, technology professional or undecided on your career direction, choosing your future vocation can be a heavy decision. If you’re currently trying to choose between the endless career paths open, why not take a look at pressure equipment integrity management (PEIM)? 

The folks at the International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association (IPEIA) have made taking a peek simple. They’ve created a comprehensive pamphlet covering the field and its facets, which you can read by clicking below:

IPEIA Career Paths in Pressure Equipment Integrity Management pamphlet

Pressure equipment is everywhere. Hot water tanks in homes, power boilers that produce electricity for cities, and equipment at refineries and petrochemical plants are just a few examples the pamphlet outlines. That means an abundance of jobs across dozens of areas.

PEIM professionals work in a variety of spaces, including offices and fieldwork. The pamphlet breaks down that this type of work crosses into fields like manufacturing, materials engineering and consulting, construction, maintenance and more. Progressing through the field causes that diversity to grow further. This expansion applies in terms of both job duties and geography, with domestic and international work readily available. 

Integrity professionals are tasked with inspecting, testing, analyzing, quality assurance, engineering and many more vital duties. These professionals get the chance to work with new and exciting technology, take on leadership and management positions, and develop teaching and training skills, if that’s what they’re after, according to the pamphlet. 

The pamphlet additionally provides an infographic breaking down specific paths you can take to enter into PEIM. It includes information like typical post-secondary background, work experience before entering the field, and the type of training to help prepare for PEIM. Potential careers are also listed.

If you have prior interest in PEIM, or you’re just exploring the options out there, read through the pamphlet. Maybe your future lies in the world of PEIM.