How to Elaborate on your Resume in an Interview

17, Jul, 2023

The resume isn’t meant to be the winning battle that’ll clinch your job. It’s more like the skirmish that gains you the ground you need to launch the final assault and land you on the throne at your new position. That final push comes during your interview.

This article we’ve found from ASET partner Go Getter Resumes will help you double down and elaborate during your interview on the points from your resume that got you in the door to begin with. The article prescribes the three Ds of discussing your resume: Describe, Defend and Discuss. With defend, for instance, you can add context to things like job gaps and transitioning to a new industry.

Using the trio of Ds, you can have your resume and interview mix perfectly into a one-two hiring punch. 
Read the article here, to win the battle to get hired.