How To Politely Decline A Job Offer (5 Tips And Email Examples)

01, Jan, 2024

Deciding that you don’t want a job you’ve already applied for is no sweat if you haven’t heard anything back. If you’ve already been offered that job though, it’s a bit more complicated. You never know what the future holds, so it’s best to keep connections strong, even if you’re going a different way.

An article from Forbes we've found has a few pointers to share on making sure you come across as diplomatic and polite if you ever find yourself passing on the job offer. In addition to highlighting best practices like responding promptly and showing gratitude, the article includes email examples to help you get started with your response. With these strategies in hand, you can keep intact the good impressions of you that got you the job offer in the first place. 

Exercise care and respect when you have to decline a job offer. Read the article here to get started.