5 tips to help with your next job search

02, Apr, 2020

As you search for your next career opportunity, your professional association is a valuable resource to support you. Here are five tips to assist you from ASET:

  1. The ASET Job Board is designed for you to create your personal profile independent of responding to current job postings. Post your resume for all employers to see. We currently have over 1,200 resumes of members interested in connecting with potential employers. We actively promote this service to employers of ASET members. They can search by geographic region and unique discipline.

  1. LinkedIn is proving to be a popular place for connecting with people looking for job opportunities.  ASET has a members only group forum that grants access to all members. This will allow you to find and network with the over 4,395 technologists in Alberta who are signed up with the group. The site offers a free trial of the premium account for a month, which provides enhanced features for searching out and connecting with other certified technologists. 

  1. ASET also maintains a company page on LinkedIn that has close to 3,900 members with whom you can connect. We suggest you follow us and display your certification. This will help you stand out against uncertified competition and build common ground with your fellow member technologists. With over 16,000 members, we are proud to be the unified voice for certified technologists in Alberta. 

  1. You also have access to a member only – Salary and Benefits Survey.  This data is real-time and current, and the main reference that employers in Alberta use for getting current salary data. It’s a valuable tool to help you know your worth and what the current market is for your discipline.

  1. If you are currently unemployed, ASET offers the ability to reduce your annual member fee. We know it might not seem like much, as your membership fee is less then a dollar a day, but every bit helps these days. Finally, you should check out our group insurances plans. You could potentially save hundreds, as we have pre-negotiated an attractive rate for our members.

All the best with your job search!