Above the Crowd: Resume and interview techniques to stand out

25, Aug, 2020

COVID-19 hasn’t ended the job search, but it has made standing out amidst the crowd significantly more challenging. It’s more critical now than ever to demonstrate your unique skills and ability to adapt. This 45-minute session is designed to share practical insights and tips to help you position yourself as a standout candidate, create a winning resume and master the interview process. A Q&A with an experienced recruiter and career coach will follow the session.

Key participant outcomes:

  • Increase your job search knowledge – learn where and how to search for jobs and how to build your network
  • Position yourself as a top candidate – sell your unique skills and be adaptable
  • Get prepared - understand how to build a resume and cover letter that gets shortlisted
  • Stand out in the interview process – learn how to interview like a pro (phone, virtually/videoconference and in-person)



Webinar Powerpoint Presentation