Five Ways How Attending an ASET Education Course Supports You as a Professional

How ASET's education courses benefit technology professionals

03, Aug, 2016

The route to being a top professional in an ever-changing industry includes staying current and effective through continuing professional development. Together with JUNA Consulting, ASET delivers one-day courses to support the development of technology professionals on both a personal and professional level. 

Whether your interest is in project management, writing, leadership, or any of the other skills that these courses focus on, you’ll find that they all have the following five benefits that keep attendees coming back. 

1.    Practical enrichment 

The courses are known for being very practical, relevant and concrete. They focus less on academic theories, and more on “how to” models and direct application to workplace situations.  

And, the ingredient that makes it all digestible: A dash of fun! 

Both ASET and JUNA Consulting know that learning potential is enhanced in a focused but enjoyable environment.


“Fantastic course! Got a lot more out of it than I had expected going in. Great instructor! Kandis is awesome!”

– Exceptional Leadership participant


2.   Resume-ready skill development 

Communication, interpersonal and leadership skills are of strong value to every role, and can be the difference between being qualified for the job and landing the job. 

The ASET courses work to provide a solid understanding of how to be effective in your communication and your tasks. These new skills are then practiced through interactive activities, which makes your adoption of them in the workplace easier because you have done the ground work with the support of an expert.

In addition, interest in personal and professional development demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement. Just what every employer is looking for! 


“Julianna is very knowledgeable of all topics. Really challenged all learned behaviours and I learned so many new things!”  

– Effective Business Writing participant


3.    Tools and strategies fit for a pro

Each course is designed around key concepts that are utilized by top professionals in the industry. To effectively adopt the tools and strategies presented, participants get the chance to dive into current case studies that bring depth to the concepts discussed.

Past participants often remark on how they love the hands-on, pragmatic information in the course content.


“Thank –you for all the practical tools and tips. I look forwarded to putting them in action.”

 – Time Management & Delegation participant


4.    Rich learning environment 

JUNA’s instructors are highly skilled at facilitating and incorporating dynamic activities to engage individuals and groups for richer learning. The result is a safe learning atmosphere where you can ask questions, learn from each other and discover new pathways. 

No matter your learning style (audio, visual, social, logical, etc.), you will be in the right course because each is designed to engage different learning styles. 

No one falls asleep in these courses!


“This was a really fulfilling workshop. The presenter made the content fun, interesting and easy to participate in.” 

– Client & Contractor Relations participant


5.    Group Knowledge Sharing

A group of ASET members, joined together through shared interest creates a very intriguing and uplifting environment. It is an opportunity where participants work together on the unique challenges that come with technical organizations. Perspectives are always diverse which results in fresh insights surfacing and being shared. 


“What a great clan! It was really interesting to hear about the situations and experiences that others face.” 

– Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills participant


Finally, JUNA Consulting has a message for potential participants in their courses:


"We love delivering the ASET Education Courses for ASET members and the best part is seeing people’s eyes light up when they “get it.” The light bulbs that go off are what fuel our passion and commitment to helping ASET members grow as individuals and for their organizations.

We hope to see you in class where we can share some laughs and tools for upping our games!”

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