Keeping up the Job Search during the Holidays

Holiday Opportunities to Help You Find a New Job

20, Dec, 2016

It can be very easy to use the holiday season as an excuse to slow down the job hunt. It is a very festive time, and spending time with your friends and family probably tops your to-do list this time of year. However, we have some information for you regarding why keeping up the job search during the holiday season is important.

From the Employers’ Perspective

While many people assume that organizations slow down the hiring process during the holidays, it’s becoming more apparent that this is not the case.

For companies whose fiscal years falls in line with the calendar year, these companies may be rushing to fill job positions that might not exist in next year’s budget. On the flip side, organizations may be preparing to hire for when the budget allows for it in the new year.

Hiring never stops because the needs driving hiring – including competitive pressures, growing markets and strategic initiatives – are always on the go.

Holiday Opportunities

Beyond the typical tasks related to a job search, here are some unique opportunities to help you find that new job you seek:

  • Ramp up the networking: With the increased number of personal and professional social events this time of year, take the opportunity to reconnect with, or expand, your network. Consider sending holiday cards to your contacts. Keeping in mind your goal of letting them know you are job searching, you’ll find they will be more than happy to assist if they can.
  • Pad your resume: In the season of giving, many organizations typically ramp up philanthropic activities during the holidays. Use this as an opportunity to do a little more volunteer work and help fill out your resume. Plus you’ll be doing a good thing helping those less fortunate.
  • Temporary/seasonal positions: Many companies will have a variety of end-of-year crunches with project deadlines looming. And the holiday season tends to be the time many employees will be taking more vacation from work. A temporary or seasonal position to help companies fill these gaps might be a great way for a company to get to know you.

The end of the year is a great time to reflect and determine you goals for the upcoming year. Whatever you do during this holiday season, be sure to take time for yourself and enjoy the company of friends and family. 

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