Making the Move for a New Job

General considerations when moving to a new city.

15, Nov, 2016

Relocating for a job comes with a variety of considerations. Whether you move because you’ve been presented with your dream job opportunity, or because you’re adjusting to the current economic environment in Alberta, here’s some tips for you to help make that transition a little easier.

Consider what you’re leaving. The idea of moving for a new job can be very exciting. With a new city comes new opportunities and experiences. However, the first thing to consider is leaving your network of family and friends. 

Moving will be quite different for a single person compared to someone who has to uproot their family. When looking to relocate, it helps when everyone involved is fully aware of what changes are coming.

Budget wisely. As you can imagine, moving to another city can become quite expensive if you’re not careful. Some tips include asking your new employer about relocation benefits or looking into any possible eligible tax-deductions with the CRA

As you begin to build your budget, be sure to consider the costs of living in the new city. When looking for a new place, consider hiring a realtor who knows the housing market well. Another option is to not make any long-term commitments. Whether it’s renting vs. purchasing, make sure you build in the flexibility if you decide that the relocation does not work out as you’d hope.

Do a scouting trip. If at all possible, make the effort to visit the new city before moving. Everything looks different online, so getting to see the city will help you understand your new surroundings better.

When you’re there, take a look at the various neighbourhoods and any consider any vehicle or transit requirements. Visit some of the potential schools your kids might attend, or if your spouse hasn’t found a job yet, a preview trip might be an opportunity to hit the pavement and meet potential employers. Finally, with a little bit or research and online networking, perhaps start creating a new social network and heading out to meet people in the area.

Final logistics. Now that you’re ready to go, make sure all details are taken care of before you leave. If you have a house to sell, then find a realtor who understands your situation and has a strong plan to market your home.

Leading up to moving day, consider lightening your stress level by hiring movers. Make a list of the utility accounts you need to close, and make the necessary post office arrangements and leave a forwarding address.

Oh yeah… the new job. After all the time, money and effort to relocate, it might be easy to overlook the fact that you’re also starting a new job. The excitement and anticipation of starting at a new company adds to the stress one might feel when relocating. However, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to make your move much smoother.

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