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The Value of Volunteering

07, Oct, 2016

Regardless of what profession or phase of life you’re in, the value of volunteering is undeniable. When employers review the resumes of applicants, a section on volunteering can really speak to the type of employee they would ultimately be. Considering the type of person you are will help to improve your marketability, and hopefully put you in a better position to get the job.

“You make a living by what you get.
You make a life by what you give.”
—Winston Churchill

While the focus is typically about giving back, it’s okay to receive some of the personal benefits that come along with volunteering. Here are three distinct benefits of volunteering for technology professionals:

  1. Helps the Profession. As the roles of technologists and technicians evolve in the workplace, sharing your expertise helps raise the profile of technology professionals. When others continuously learn about the skills and capabilities of ASET members, they begin to understand the unique talents they bring to the team.
  2. Learn New Skills. On the technical side, volunteering with fellow members gives you the opportunity to network with, and learn from, other technology professionals — often from a different discipline from your own. From the soft skills perspective, ASET volunteer opportunities give you the chance get more experience in the areas of time or project management. Improving your technical and soft skills will only help raise your value as an employee.
  3. Counts towards CPD. As a certified professional, part of membership is ensuring you work to improve yourself through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  Being part of a self-regulating association, CPD helps to demonstrate the professionalism we require from our members — and volunteering is just one way you’re able to satisfy this requirement.

Beyond your contributions as an ASET member, you may have your own reasons as to why volunteering is beneficial to you. Whatever your reason, know that your efforts are appreciated and employers will surely take notice.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Visit the ASET Volunteer page to see positions currently needing technology professionals.  

How Volunteering Can Build New Skills