Enterprise Subscription

Twenty-five (25) Job Posting credits - All job postings are posted online for up to 30 days. You can decide the start date of the posting, and the 30 day posting starts from the selected start date.   With the five posting option, you can choose to use them as ten single job postings or post one job for 10 months or any combination to suit your individual needs

Basic Company Profile - allows for a detailed description of your company with important contact information and link to website.

Exposure to ASET members -  Active job postings are sent straight to 18,000 ASET members via email every two weeks during your posting. The ASET Membership is made up of 17 disciples (link to page) and 124 occupations.

Access to integrated dashboard housing all information at your fingertips - Individualized dashboard that assists you in your candidate search by listing your posted jobs and bookmarked candidates, with easy access to your profile and account information.   (screenshot pf dashboard)

Customizable candidate search criteria - Sort and filter potential job candidates to fit your specific needs. Search based on location, designation, discipline, and years of experience. 

Bookmark candidates - During your search for candidates you can bookmark candidates to show up on your dashboard’s section without having to leave a specific search. 

Multiple application options – You can choose if applicants apply for jobs through the ASET Career Centre, through your organization’s website, or by email directly to you. 

Customizable email alerts  - When applicants apply through the Career Centre,  you have the option of setting up email alerts to send reports daily, weekly, or after each individual application.

Add Company Logo to Profile – Boost your job visibility by adding your full color logo. (Screen shot – before and after)

Access to Salary Survey - ASET’s salary survey is one of Alberta's most comprehensive compensation surveys and is a vital tool to members and industry alike.  The ASET Salary Survey includes income data as an appraisal of average remuneration for technicians and technologists in Alberta .  

Data collected ranges from annual income figures; including overtime, bonuses and benefits, to details of multi-dimensional demographics and years of experience.  

In this plan, unlimited customizable reports are available to you.  All data can be compared and broken down by location, field of employment, industry, discipline, region, to types and sizes of organizations.  This customizable report allows you to choose the given criteria that best suits your needs. (example – view collective compensation data on electronic technologists in the Calgary area with over 5 years of experience.)

The real value of the unlimited amount of reports is because all the data in this online salary survey is live, anytime you choose to view a customizable report it will be current, up-to-the-minute information.

Add Featured Company Page - If you are serious about finding the right person for the job, then the featured company page is the way to go.

This page allows you to highlight extensive insights about your company.  You can post promotional pictures, corporate videos and share your organization’s social media channels.

With this subscription feature, you have a number of options available to you on when and how long you run this featured page.

You can create three different company pages and run each for 30 days
You can create one page and have it run for a chosen 90 days (either incrementally or inclusively)
Or any variation within that.

Banner Advertising –to further increase traffic to your posting and highlight your organization, a banner ad can help you do just that.  
Uniquely positioned in high traffic areas, don’t miss this opportunity to capture the attention of our audience.

Our on-site banner view metrics helps you monitor your banner performance so that you can review and refine for optimal audience response.

With this subscription feature, you have a number of options available to you on when and how long you run this banner ad.

You can create three different banners and run each for 30 days
You can create one banner and have it run for a chosen 90 days (either incrementally or inclusively)
Or any variation within that.

Listing highlighted on exclusive members only website – On our ASET website, once members login they are immediately taken to their dashboard.  This member’s dashboard filters information to them that is relevant to their member level, location and, discipline which also includes ads from the ASET Career Centre.
This features allows for advertising of your job to relevant candidates who aren’t even on the ASET Career Ctr. Site.  
Our unique functionality between websites and our exclusive access to ASET members, this is a feature you want to have if you want visibility.

This subscription and features are available for 365 days from date of purchase. After 365 days, the subscription and any unused features will expire. There is no auto-renew function on the ASET Career Centre.