What Data is Provided?

The ASET Salary Survey includes summaries of income data as an appraisal of average remuneration for technicians and technologists in Alberta and in the Canadian Territories. The summaries are presented relative to the technical field, experience level, ASET certification, and other criteria. 

Some of the data provided includes:
  • Respondent Statistics
  • Industries of Work
  • Disciplines of Work
  • Average Total Income: Membership/Experience (Employees/Self Employed)
  • Average Total Income: Membership (Employees/Self Employed)
  • Average Earnings (Employees/Self Employed)
  • Average Earnings: Membership/Level/Discipline (Employees/Self Employed) 
Data collected ranges from annual income figures; including overtime, bonuses and benefits, to details of multi-dimensional demographics and years of experience.

Depending on your purchase, customizable reports can be available to you. All data can be compared and broken down by location, field of employment, industry, discipline, region, to types and sizes of organizations. These customizable reports allow you to choose the given criteria that best suits your needs. (example – view collective compensation data on electronic technologists in the Calgary area with over 5 years of experience.)

The real value of these online reports is that all the data is live; anytime you choose to view a customizable report it will be current, up-to-the-minute information.