What Data is Provided?

The ASET Salary Survey collects income data to present average salary numbers for technicians and technologists in Alberta and the Canadian Territories. The summaries are categorized by technical field, experience level, ASET certification and other criteria.

Data provided includes:
  • Respondent statistics
  • Industries of work
  • Disciplines of work
  • Average total income: membership/experience (employees/self employed)
  • Average total income: membership (employees/self employed)
  • Average earnings (employees/self employed)
  • Average earnings: membership/level/discipline (employees/self employed)
Data collected ranges from annual income figures – including overtime, bonuses and benefits – to details of multiple demographics and years of experience.

Customizable salary reports are also available for purchase. Break down and compare data by location, field of employment, industry, discipline, region, and type and size of organization. You can use the reports t fine-tune your search to find exactly the information you need. For example: view collective compensation data on electronic technologists in the Calgary area with over five years’ experience.

Customized reports are created using live data. This means that you’re receiving current, up-to-the-minute information whenever viewing a report.