What is The Salary Survey?

Whether you are a member of The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), an employer or recruiter, or a student or future technology professional, you will find valuable information in ASET’s Annual Salary Survey. The user feedback provides a realistic snapshot of actual income levels and is a valuable compliment to the salary information that the government and overall industry collects annually. ASET Members easily fill in their previous year's compensation data online, and have instant access to live market data. Members are able to re-enter information every 365 days. This data is live and always changing, so check in regularly to see how you fit.


Every year, ASET distributes a salary survey to mem¬bers to gather data for industry members. The questions range from annual income figures and details about the individual’s professional demographic, to years of experience and overall industry retention. As always, members are under a professional, ethical obligation to respond to the questions accurately and in full honesty. This is not a survey of employers, nor is it a report of salary ranges. The salary survey is not in-tended to place limitations on the compensation set by ASET members for services rendered. ASET advises comparing various sources when evaluating salaries and income levels.


The ASET Salary Survey includes summaries of income data as an appraisal of average remuneration for technicians and technologists in Alberta and in the Canadian Territories. The summaries are presented relative to the technical field, experience level, ASET certification and other criteria. ASET members provide their detailed income data voluntarily and anonymously. Submissions are restricted to one per ASET member number, and identifiers are removed.
Please click here to view the Salary Survey Glossary of Terms