How to Prepare for a Performance Review: Free Template

06, Jun, 2022

Performance reviews are a common feature dotting the landscape of virtually every field of work. To ensure you’re not caught unaware when the time comes for your next evaluation, it’s prudent to brush up on the experience liable to be thrown your way.

To help you prepare, we’ve found an article from career course provider High Speed Training. The article provides a litany of information on performance reviews. It discusses the various segments which might appear, like current responsibilities, areas of commendation, areas to improve and so on. Additionally, the piece offers tips on how to make the evaluation experience more digestible, by contextualizing it as a means to grow, or bond with your employer. The article ends with a free performance review template you can download.

With this tool in hand, you’ll have a much stronger grasp on how to handle performance reviews, wherever and whenever they pop up.

Read the article at, and master your next evaluation.